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My Zone Speaking the Unspeakable is a group of women, for women, by women specially created to uninhibitedly share thoughts, views as well as get to listen to what others share. This aids in greater comprehension of and getting a different perspective on issues we face, learning from how others deal with their issues.

To get the most, regular attendance and involved participation is recommended.

Yes, it would help to attend the same batch week on week as it is a set group, and familiarity with the group members helps with feeling ease and comfort. 

Requests for changing batches can be made and done upon approval. 

The facilitators are experienced and seasoned qualified practitioners who ensure the confidentiality and channeling of the discussion.

As per the topic of the session, you have the liberty to share your experiences without naming anyone. What is not recommended is gossiping, criticizing group members or what others share, advising, back biting, or sarcastic comments.

Yes, occasionally there are activities conducted, which can be a contribution by one or more participants and sometimes by the facilitators.

None of the sessions are recorded. However, any activities for self-reflection, or for preparation for the upcoming session can be conveyed to you.