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Tribes of Women(TOW) is a unique, peer support platform where women experience the power of our 3E approach curated specially for YOU to gain WISDOM through the sharing, caring and Listening processes


Transformed Women


Hrs of My Zone conducted

18-75yrs +

Women Attending

  • Having a new identity
  • Feeling more supported, listened and encouraged
  • Feeling less self-conscious in areas of least competence or disinterest
  • Becoming more consistent – with fulfilling your UNSHARED DREAMS.

This call is to make that difference in yourself and show the world YOUR New energy and New perspective

Changes in you can change YOUR Life & Life events

Hi Lady
Pause and IMAGINE Yourself

Your time has come to Claim Your Power

  • To Harness the Power of the Collective
  • To discover your passion & purpose
  • To let your dreams see the light and bask in its glory

Triber's Speak

Is Tribes of Women for me?

  • If you feel you have many ideas or dreams within you that need encouragement?
  • If you feel constantly pulled down by the judgements and opinions of others
  • Do you ask yourself the question: “Beyond my family, husband, children” Who am I?
  • If you feel incomplete or incapable?

If you have answered Yes to any of the above then TOW is waiting for YOU

  • To shift you from Self Doubt to Self Respect
  • From Inaction to Action
  • From Loving others to Loving Self

This is your Journey What are you waiting for?

What are you getting?

52 Week Growth meetings (Rs 25000)

12 Monthly Growthshops(Worth Rs 12000)

1 course design and hosting in the community((Worth Rs 20000)

Total Rs 57,000

You Pay Only : Rs. 6000/-

Rs. 57,000/-

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  • 1 hour per week (Total 52 hours in a year).
  • 1 Hour per month for Growthshop (Total 12 hours in a year ).

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Rs. 57,000/-

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My zone has been a very interesting forum with which I have been regularly interacting since May 2021. Ever since I have associated with it I have felt much more confident of articulating online- which also helped me in the course of an online audit at work. Also I was able to interact with ladies of similar as well as dissimilar wavelength - which gave me an insight into how one could manage social interactions without getting in the other person's way. Overall this has been a forum whose online sessions I have been looking forward to- week after week. Started during the lockdown, this truly cheered me up. During and audit, I was able to speak with conviction without any self-doubt, choose my words well & make myself clear to the Professor who was heading the scrutiny committee. Also have learnt how to just say enough without saying too much to people whose ideology I don't subscribe to.
Mrinalini Menon
Hi, I am a mental health professional. I work in a school setting. I believe in leaving people and spaces better than I find them. But when I came to myself I found myself way down my list as other things got priority. I am very shy and downplay myself and my achievements..But when I joined TOW I found I got a listening ear in TOW. And was very fortunate to meet like minded individuals who shared similar ideas and who became my role models. Thus I moved from Triber to Facilitator. I found a difference in my thoughts and ideas. I realised I had become confident. Could stand up for myself. I begun to see myself in a different light without any active personal self development. The whole process of change took place at a very different level. TOW not only changed my life but is helping me to change the lives of others.
Nandini Cadoso
Tribes of Women- speak the unspeakable, a forum exclusively for women. It is a space where I'm what I totally am- myself. Expressive, laughing, enjoying, and relating to others with their life happenings. It's almost nearing to a year of the onset of this forum. I cannot forget my first day of the first session how I was fully expressive and emotional for having gone through different unexpected situations in life. Speak the unspeakable has brought me back my lost expressions. It has made me a person to see what I don't see, I cannot see, and I'm blinded to see, and these are the fellow participants lives their journey, experiences, ups and downs of day to day lives. The tribe is a strong congregation of women of values, education, experiences, and strength. I look forward for the session every Saturday enthusiastically. This place is a space for every woman to be herself to own her flaws and celebrate their lives openly
Malavika V Kumar
I am an online tutor, teaching 3 to 8 year olds. I have been attending My Zone right from when it started and while I was initially hesitant to express myself among new people, gradually after a few interactions, I started sharing with ease. My friends at My Zone helped me ovecome my inhibitions and motivated me a lot. I have also become mentally very strong. These interactions have given me a lot of confidence and courage to take the right decisions in a lot of aspects in life. And, its all thanks to this unique forum called My Zone .
Asha Mahuli

Founder's Desk

In our journey of working and interacting with women, we realised that Women do not focus on their own personal well being. Superwoman syndrome, I can do everything, multiple roles that they have to play and also compete in the rat race, stress becomes a way of life. On the other hand they have little support, emotional, financial and social. At times they just want to talk or share and unburden themselves, but are judged by the people around them, 


In my personal journey I have always found strength when I spoke about my concerns, fears 


Women feel comfortable and safe in spaces sharing experiences with other women who will listen to them in a non judgemental space.


Tribes of Women provides this space for women to express themselves. Thus enabling them to  share their views, feel listened to  and hence feel more empowered, assertive.